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The Shinken Dojo   真 剣 道 場
Ryusyokai Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate   琉 翔 会 沖 縄 空 手
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Ilfracombe - North Devon - England  英 国
The Shinken Dojo is the training basis for a very small group of Karate students that are being guided in
Authentic Karate by Glyn Jones Sensei. Training is centred around the more true or original ways and
teachings of Karate as practised by the peaceful people of Okinawa.

People living locally who may wish to become a member of the Dojo are invited to make contact.
Students are to be Courteous, Serious, and Sincere, whilst being Hard Working.

Please note; Our training and Dojo basis is not concerned with or influenced by the following;
large numbers of students, giving away belts or grades, sport and competitions, money.
If any of the above may be of interest to you, sorry but we are not for you.